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Morewood Paintball


Morewood Forest Paintball  was started by Deon Adendorff who owns Upper Highway Paintball and Morewood Activity Centre in October 2023 when they felt there was a need for a paintball or spatball field that was different to the others available.

The old buildings, forest and interesting obstacles make for a fun event.

Our price is R100 for 100 balls or R200 for 200 balls.


We are currently offering the first 2 hours of the undercover area for free for use for a party or an event as well as we are waiving the Cakage Fee. Party packs may also be provided by the group themselves. There is however a restriction on Food & Drink as the PotterShed Bistro provides these along with Old Balgowan Brewery & Winery and Morewood Distillery

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